Our fellowship is held on Sunday at 10:30 AM in Orangevale and Rancho Murieta California. All are welcome.


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20240505  The Exceeding Grace and Mercy of God    Handout

20240428   God's Healing Mindset    Handout

20240420   Covenants of Promise    Handout

20240414   Enlightened or Blinded

20240407   Called to Glory    Handout

20240324   The Full Sharing Fellowship of Communion

20240317   The Cross of Christ

20240310   The Word is Faithful    Handout

20240225   Overcoming Sin Consciousness    Handout

20240218   God's Love

20240204   Keep the Ball Rolling

20240128   The Merry Heart

20240121   The Best Day of All    Handout

20240114   Money

20240107   Take it To God in Prayer    Handout





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